Core beliefs
Includes our three core beliefs.
Community, then team, then founder
ZooVerse is the holder's project as much as ours. From the beginning, the idea of ZooVerse was to form a genuine group of people who cared about the future of the space and each other. This is what allowed us to be so successful from such a humble beginning. Invest in people and they will invest in you. This is something we take with us through everything we do at ZooVerse, our community’s views and thoughts are everything. They have the edge of being a consumer, they know what others in the space are thinking.
Push boundaries
Innovation starts revolution. In order for the space to change, projects have to push the boundaries of what people think is possible, and that’s what we aim to do. People are afraid to break the norm, but we push to make better changes for the space, embracing any opportunities to prove it. We have proven we are here to stay, proven we can run a successful project with a trustworthy team, and proven everything we do is community focused with the utmost quality. Now it's time for us to scale and push boundaries.
No bullsh*t A lot of projects will feed you useless utility and hope you don't notice before they make their money. Everything we do we make sure there is a genuine reason to do it that benefits the people who invest in us, not just to make them happy for three months. We are prepared to change entirely built-out plans (Tokenomics), if we don't truly believe they will bring value to our holders. We are and always have been extremely adaptable. When you invest in us you can be sure whatever we offer to you is genuinely beneficial, not bullsh*t.
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