Humans and animals
Includes how the humans and animals became close in ZooVerse.
In order to effectively combat the spread of the Poacher threat Zooverse founded a breakaway group called Operation Nature, which consists of human and animal agents specially trained in counterespionage and propaganda tactics. As with all good plans, The Family decided a necessary gamble was required to effectively resist the spreading influence of governments propped up by Poacher activity. Afterall, how much loyalty does it take for an individual to turn against their own species?
To minimize risk only the most trusted humans were chosen at first, those whose grudge against human society was so great that they wouldn’t think twice about orchestrating the downfall of their own kind. These individuals were born in the underground, forced to fight to survive before they could even walk and as such had honed relevant field skills to a fine point. Best suited as assassins and saboteurs, their undying loyalty to The Family that gave them a second chance at life working for Zooverse made them qualified to set the groundwork for Operation Nature. Second only to The Family’s own hand-picked animal agents, these humans were also responsible for recruiting others like them from the streets and slums of this planet, offering them a chance to lash out at the corrupt society that left them behind by working for Operation Nature.
What resulted is the organization you belong to now, a lethal and highly trained undercover fighting force capable of resisting the spreading malaise of human influence as well as fighting the poachers wherever they may appear. There’s a side to Operation Nature beyond simple conflict, however. Symbolic of the forward planning that allowed them to rise to the top, The Family has entrusted Operation Nature with the task of building up an alternative society, a counterculture, to oppose and eventually replace the rotting carcass of human culture. Operation Nature agents are building this new Utopia from the ground up, implementing an underground economy, trade system and civilization which will allow humans and animals to live in harmony with each other and the planet they live on. Learning from the mistakes of the humans, Zooverse seeks to synthesise a working model for the future of both species, promoting collaboration and cooperation over individuality and greed. The Family knows that by having both humans and animals build such a system, it will eventually become a world order that can accommodate both without unfairly benefitting one over the other.
These are the two main objectives of Operation Nature. Resist and destroy the poachers, burn down the diseased human culture promoted by international governments and birth from its ashes the dawn of a new Utopia. A world worth living in for both animals, and humans.
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