Agents//We appreciate the more proactive of you will want to use the best equipment available// As such, ZooVerse has commissioned the use of Vault funds to better equip Operation Nature operatives//The Vault will lend agents a portion of its wealth in order to increase your efficiency and lethality across the board//Any agent can apply for this, and all will be able to benefit from ZooVerse’s generosity//The amount offered will be directly tied to an Agent’s seniority//The most senior agents will have a considerable level of access to the Vault’s funds//Higher payments mean access to higher tiered gear//However, be warned//Agents are expected to repay the Vault in kind//Interest on Vault funds is measured against an agents seniority, as well as their history of repayments//As with everything in Operation Nature, hard work is very much rewarded// The agents who contribute the most should find it easy to repay their debt// Utilise the most advanced gear in lucrative assignments and reap the benefits//Balance risk with reward and come out on top//
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