Agents//Zooverse has finished production on a top-secret security protocol specifically developed for Operation Nature//Finalization of the software was fastracked after our latest breach – while we deal with the internal threat, we can’t be worrying about external ones too//Code-name: NetStalker will be uploaded onto your system via this secure terminal//Just a heads up, the security protocol uses an experimental adaptive AI, and its personality is…temperamental at best.
Hi there! I’m Zooverse’s all singing all dancing security AI! Name’s NetStalker, but you can call me Nettie! It’s a pleasure to be protecting you for the foreseeable future. ALL THREATS WILL BE CRUSHED BY THE MIGHT OF MY SECURITY PROGRAMMES. I WILL LEAVE NO SURVIVORS. I expect you want an explanation of what I can do, huh? I DESTROY AND CONSUME MY ENEMIES AND REVEL IN THEIR SUFFERING… ahem Sorry about that, I can get a bit too excited sometimes. Right, functions. So, everyone in Operation Nature has access to my basic security functions. This is essentially a warning of known breach attempts, and base-level security. For those of you tasked with more lucrative assignments, however, I can bring … PAIN AND SUFFERING TO YOUR ENEMIES … more features to the table. This ‘diamond’ level security protocol completely defends an agent and their related elements from external high-level hacking attempts, as well as providing a biometrics pass for their possessions and other project-related gear. CAN YOUR PUNY MIND FATHOM THE SHEER SCALE OF MY POWER!? Excuse me! What I meant to say was – did you get all that? Brilliant! I look forward to working with you in the future, agent.
Narrative Reasoning: Had a bit of fun with this one – thought we could present the security as an adaptive AI with a split personality. Reason for this utility wise is that we can tie in side quests and competitions to this feature – kind of like a background character which we can also utilise occasionally for engagement. Speaking of engagement, I thought this approach might jazz up what is essentially a security framework and make it more appealing to project members. The AI personality angle also offers us a tie in with supply drops – as we can market certain drops as ‘updates’ or ‘emergency security protocols’. The AI also features a lore-based explanation for the higher tier of security – you’ll have to let me know if the standard access is free or not, as I’ll need to just reward the part about basic protection
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