The beginning
Includes the start of the ZooVerse Lore.
Power is a funny word. Ask any person what they think gives someone ‘power’ and they will all answer differently. Some might lean more towards money, believing that the more you can buy, the more you can control. Others might insist that influence is more important. Commanding through loyalty ensures you have more people willing to die for your cause, and less knives in the back from the highest bidder. But what if you could have both. What if an entity existed who wielded money and influence in tandem so that no person, no organisation could ever hope to match their power? That privilege belongs solely to The Family, and to the ZooVerse empire they rule.
At a glance, this world seems completely dominated by humankind. Their culture, institutions, and civilizations sprawl from one end of the globe to the other. At a glance, humanity appears to have dominated nature, bending her to its whim and subjugating earth’s animals to some ‘lesser’ status. At a glance, humanity’s power is absolute.
But perception is everything
Dig below the surface, and you’ll find that narrative is a carefully constructed lie. After all, would those with absolute power really flaunt their status for all to see? Hubristically inviting challengers of their rule to take up the gauntlet. That’s a very ‘human’ way of doing things. The Family is different. For centuries, a collection of highly intelligent animals has carefully built up an underground empire, constantly pulling the strings from the shadows and ensuring global scenarios play out in their favour. They founded ZooVerse, a ‘criminal’ Organization lead by animals but also employing select trusted human allies. ZooVerse had complete and utter control over all world affairs, content to allow the humans their illusion of world dominance in order to keep them complacent. ZooVerse’s meticulously constructed underground counterculture represented the perfect ‘antithesis’ to humanity’s crude ‘thesis’, a much-needed revision to their flawed world doctrine. When deployed, ZooVerse’s Modus Operandi allowed for a harmonious synthesis of power and subjugation, where humanity was herded like sheep without offering any resistance whatsoever. That is, until the poachers arrived.
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