The gap
Includes the gap lore.
The Family had prepared for the inevitable scenario in which humanity finally became self-aware of its status as ruled instead of ruler. However, being as ingrained into the lifeblood of society as they are, the Family knew that the human governments would never attempt a public overthrowing of ZooVerse. If they tried, the animals could just tear civilization down from its roots, bringing the world back to a time when they ruled with fear owing to their physical superiority. This preparation forced the humans to fight in the shadows, on ZooVerse’s home ground. Still, despite the advantage, such a war would be costly to The Family, and therefore should be avoided if possible. It came as no surprise then, when ZooVerse learnt of ‘Operation Poacher’: a coordinated attempt by global governments to uproot enough of ZooVerse from its underground roots to de-stabilise The Family and make it easier to overthrow. Managed by a centralised black ops agency, intelligence and manpower from international policing organisations like Interpol and the CIA is currently being deployed to counter ZooVerse in every possible way.
This began with a sudden and unexpected takeover of ZooVerse-run global organizations, forcing family heads who previously ran them with an iron fist into hiding. Governments installed puppets to rule these organizations, redirecting their cashflows into Op Poacher’s coffers. This sudden cash boost enabled them to launch the second phase of their attempted take-over – the creation of a large, undercover force of hitmen tasked with targeting key members of ZooVerse and their agents. Information from ZooVerse’s top deep cover agent has revealed that this force is split into three tiers: the lowest tier being reserved for new recruits, the middle tier consisting of semi-skilled hunters, and the top-tier being the most mysterious of all. What we know so far regarding the Poacher’s hierarchy implies that both middle and bottom tiers are designed to form an information ‘shell’ around their top tier. While they do function as hitmen, the overly chauvinistic and brutal attitude of the middle tier, as well as the sheer size of the bottom tier enables them to act as a smokescreen, keeping almost all information regarding the very top tier of the Poacher’s organizations secret. While it is not surprising that these governments are more than happy to sacrifice their own in favour of a deluded utilitarianism, this does make Operation Poacher significantly more dangerous to ZooVerse, and The Family.
When they realised this, The Family and ZooVerse went to ground, further retreating into their underground counterculture for three months in order to come up with an effective plan to defend themselves against this new threat. Their solution? Operation Nature.
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