Agents//Do not become complacent now that you’ve made it into OpNature//Your performance is constantly being assessed, and the strongest of you will reap benefits from the vault//Continual training is a must for any agent working for our organization//Alongside performance in operations, these two elements are how we gauge your experience//Experienced agents will advance through the ranks, enjoying increasingly valuable rewards from the vault and gaining access to classified project information
Operation Nature encourages competition//Agents will be assigned to a faction upon project launch//It is in your own interest to support your pack//factions will routinely compete for benefits from the vault, with the most powerful factions receiving valuable contraband//Will you be a lone wolf, and keep all the glory for yourself? Or will you grow to lead a faction of your own//Either way, natural selection will filter out the strong from the weak//Of course, you can choose to do the bare minimum, but know this//In the wild, the strongest pack holds the most territory, the most resources//While the others fight over their scraps//Are you happy being just another cog in the machine, or do you want to be on top//The lion’s share of the vault awaits you
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