Where it all began
Includes Ollie's story of getting into NFTs
Growing up in the UK, not being academic but always very creative, art and business were pretty much pre-decided for me. I got into graphics very early on, I would systemise and build brand identities on businesses I had made up because I enjoyed it so much. As I moved up through school, my friends were starting to build businesses, especially clothing brands, and of course, needed a designer. I would sit for hours creating mockups and trying out different graphics and logos on clothing with them. It was only someone mentioned to me I should probably start charging for my designs that it clicked, I could be making money whilst doing what I Ioved. This lead to some of the best business experience I could've got at that age, I learnt how teams were managed, how systems were built, how to network, how to negotiate and most of all, marketing psychology. One day I woke up to a message from a friend, asking if I would work on a crypto project as a favour, they needed some social media posts and general branding, I agreed and he introduced me to the team. It was mayhem, I was used to deadlines, scope of work and presenting brand styles with full documentation to teams, this was more "can you get this website designed in the next 4 hours, we launch in 6." But I fell in love with how fast moving it was. I couldn't stand 90% of the teams, it was a 50/50 whether I would get paid or blocked, but i didn't care, I was meeting new people and had been exposed to a whole new fast paced world. As I got more into crypto, the word NFTs began to pop up, at the time I had no idea what they were, or why people were buying them. This was when there weren't huge communities built around the project and it was only really famous artists who were successful (Beeple for example.) I was fascinated by how quickly trends would change and how fast it was evolving, there was no real way to read the market and marketing was king. I finally decided to buy into a project mid 2021, it was a Solana project, and of course, it was a rug. I remember being sat with my girlfriend trying to work out how to explain to her why my £300 picture was now worth nothing, (the founders of the project literally posted a picture of themselves on holiday telling us it was a rug 😁), but the adrenaline of minting a project and waiting for the reveal hooked me instantly. I spent the next few months learning everything I could about NFTs, studying why people bought, what made a project successful and how to not lose a stupid amount of money. I would go into servers and create stickers for teams, get WL and flip the project. I started learning consumer habits and how to read projects more and more, the main thing i noticed was that the teams were seen as gods, they rarely spent time in the server and would never speak in chat, which I couldn't understand at all.
At this point I knew I wanted to start my own community, I just needed guidance on founding a project...
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