Faction staking
Includes overview, how it works and main benefits.
ZooVerse has always been community focused and to ensure we can continue this with a bigger supply we have introduced 20 factions. Factions are automatically assigned to your agent when you mint. You will be able to see your faction in the metadata, website, and background of your NFT. The goal is to make your faction the most successful, as there are benefits of being at the top. Upon staking your NFT, our contract will recognise your NFT’s faction and increase your faction’s boost, resulting in all members from your faction to receive a higher boost.
How does it work ? Each faction will have 200 members in it. When you stake your NFT our staking contract will recognise which faction you are in, and will increase your factions boost. This incentives holders convince other/new members to stake too. Eventually some factions will be more powerful than others and therefore the entry price will be higher.
We will be running regular competitions between the factions. We have a point system based on many potential opportunities, for example highest floor price, most NFTs staking, biggest holder etc. Each week the prize (Contraband) will be shown and the task will be given. This incentives holders to work together to market the project to new potential buyers, which is something we identified as a pattern in the biggest projects in the space, their holders market the project so they don't need to, if we can reward this, then the sky is the limit.
This also allows holders to benefit from the factions even if they do not want to actively be involved, but still allows bonuses for people who do. We are aware not everyone likes to continuously check back on investments, but some of you love to ! Main benefits
  • Incentivises the community to work together to make the project successful.
  • Creates an incredible dynamic to be created where some factions will be far more valuable than others.
  • Creates the opportunity for factions to build hierarchies and their own brand around their faction.
  • Allows faction members to recruit new members and pressures holders to stake to increase the faction boost, decreasing supply and increase the floor price.
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