Includes overview, how it works and main benefits.
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Staking is an incredible model as it gives potential buyers a scale of how many people believe in the project. It also gives an incentive to hold and not sell the NFT creating a supply shock and increasing the demand for the product. We wanted to ensure we incorporated this system into ZooVerse, but in a new and competitive way. To achieve this we are introducing a stake to level up system in which XP is earned through staking, increasing the quality and value of the staked NFT.
How does it work ?
You go to our website and stake your NFT as normal, as time passes you will see your level bar increasing. As your level increases, you will gain upgrades to access higher tiers of utility ranging from the bronze to diamond tier. In addition to the utility, you will also receive unique clothing and collectibles allowing you to customize your NFT and make it your own !
Your level will be updated in the metadata; therefore those buying on secondary will be able to see what level the NFT is, or search for specific levels before they make the purchase. This creates a very exciting dynamic in which very low levels will be the cheapest, but also most desirable. As the NFTs level up they will become harder and harder to acquire.
If you decide to unstake you will lose 10% of your XP. To create even more of a dynamic, we will be hosting competitions in which you can win boosts on your XP yield. Genesis recieve a 1.5X boost on their XP yield and can use this boost on up to 3 gen 2s by staking with them !
Main benefits
  • Incentivises people to lock up their NFT, which creates a huge supply shock, increasing the floor price.
  • Allows us to reward holders who truly believe in the project long term as their NFT will increase in value as the level increases.
  • Gives an innovative, far healthier alternative to token earning, but still allows us to get the benefits of staking.
  • Creates buying pressure from launch as the operatives will be the cheapest at the lower levels.
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