Supply crates
Includes overview, how it works and main benefits.
Supply crates are our way of bringing a culture we love so much into our ecosystem. They are inspired from reselling culture, particularly clothing. Crates will be claimable to holders and can be won, earned or gifted. They are trade-able on secondary and can be held, opened or sold. They can contain anything, from NFTs, WL spots, clothing, collectibles, XP boosts, event tickets, holidays and much more !
How it works
If you have a crate to claim you will go to our website to mint the crate and receive it in your wallet as an NFT. This NFT can be sold on the secondary market, opened, or held onto. There will be a prize list for each crate and each crate will have different art, so they are easily distinguishable. If you learn the art and rarities, you will be able to day trade the crates based off rarity. Similarly, if there is a certain item you really want, you can buy up the crates and open them. The longer you hold onto the crate the more valuable it will be. For example, if you hold a season 1 crate for 6 months it becomes a collectors item, like an unopened toy.
This acts as a way for us to reward holders with the chance for exit liquidity whilst also allowing supporters outside of ZooVerse to be apart of our ecosystem. We love the dynamic this creates and the risk involved, will you take the risk ?
Main benefits
  • Rewards holders with a valuable claim.
  • Bring the reselling culture we are fascinated by into NFTs.
  • Adds an exciting risk factor.
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