ZooVerse Lending
Includes overview, how it works and main benefits.
One of the biggest reasons for selling a project you love is needing liquidity. As a project we don't want our holders to feel trapped into holding a ZooVerse NFT, creating a negative stigma around selling, which weakens a community. We strongly believe in not sell shaming and wanted to take the extra step of providing our community one last option before selling.
How it works
You see an opportunity you don't want to miss, you come onto our website, connect your wallet and choose which NFT you would like to partially liquidate. To begin with, holders will only be able to partially liquidate ZooVerse NFTs. You choose how long you would like to rent for and how much you would like to borrow (for example 10% for 7 days) you then send us your NFT and we send you the ETH.
When the time is up, you send the ETH back and we send you the NFT back. This is something we can scale to offer partnered projects and then eventually everyone. We are very passionate about how scaleable this particular avenue is, we have discussed getting to a point in the future where we can offer holders cheaper mortgages for houses for example.
If the payment isn’t made in time there will be a grace period where you have the option to buy it back for 50% of the value, if it still isn't paid back the NFT will be moved to our community vault and cycled through the ecosystem back to holders or the renting pool.
Main benefits
  • Extremely scalable again, our vision for our lending it to get it to a point where we can offer holders cheaper rates on huge loans such as mortgages. We believe this is where the true utility is born.
  • Another great revenue stream, as when we scale out of just our holder base we can charge higher interest rates to non holders.
  • Stops holders from selling their ZooVerse NFT when they are in need of liquid, as a result there will be less listings and a higher floor price due to buying pressure.
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