ZooVerse Renting
Includes overview, how it works and main benefits.
ZooVerse renting allows you to borrow an NFT for a specified amount of time to test out the product before you invest your money into it. The NFTs are bracketed into A,B,C or D, they are arranged by floor price and each have a different daily rate. As you level up, this rate will decrease and you will be able to rent for longer period of time. Genesis can rent for the maximum time at the lowest rate from the launch of renting.
How it works
There are three ways our renting works. Partnered projects - If we are partnered with a project we can offer a limited time NFT which will grant access to utilities from both projects.
Expire-able NFTs - After the decided amount of time, the NFT will be burnt. Whilst in use it will give you utility to different projects.
Main renting - You will choose an NFT from our vault that you can rent for a certain amount of time. You can pay a deposit or put an NFT up as collateral and then pay a daily fee, when the time is up, you will return the NFT in exchange for the collateral.
we will take votes regularly on what holders would like to see on the platform, and a percentage of our inflow will be used to buy NFTs . The higher the level you are, the longer you can rent for and the cheaper the price. Genesis will always have access to the longest and cheapest options.
We can offer this to partnered projects, allowing their holders to rent NFTs from our vault for a cost each day. This is another form of income for ZooVerse as an organisation that is easily scalable. In the future, this system can be offered to Web2 businesses; for example, a car rental business who wants to use the blockchain to rent their cars out could come to us and use our service for a fee. Business models like these are going to be a crucial part of Web3 brands surviving.
Main benefits
  • Allows us to offer our holders utility from any project without having to buy.
  • Easily scaleable therefore we can offer it to other projects holders and charge them a daily fee, forming another revenue stream for ZooVerse.
  • Renting is another incredibly valuable system to be known for. The blockchain is perfect for renting, therefore this can be manipulated to allow housing rentals for example. This allows us to explore partnerships with Web2 rental business, potentially getting holders cheaper rates.
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