ZooVerse Security
Includes overview, how it works and main benefits.
Hacks are a huge problem in the NFT space and our solution for you is ZooVerse security. ZooVerse security allows you to protect your NFTs from malicious contracts, phishing links and wallet hacks, giving you the comfort of knowing your property is safe. Whilst the security is enabled the NFT cannot be transferred and all ZooVerse holders will get access to this for their ZooVerse NFTs for free. This is something we can offer to other projects, creating a revenue stream for ZooVerse as a business, which will fund our expansion.
How it works
There are two levels on security. Standard access will protect the NFTs you have security for against phishing links and malicious contracts, any hack that does not get full access to your wallet will be unable to steal your NFTs. Diamond access will give you protection against full wallet hacks by allowing you to set a password in order for the security to be enabled/disabled.
As mentioned, we will be offering this as a service to other projects. ZooVerse security can be implemented prior to a collection’s launch or through contract migration.
Payment for external projects will be on a monthly basis and you pay per NFT. If the payment isn't made, it's not possible to enable the security. Genesis holders will get our security for free with any project we implement it into. Gen 2 will be able to level up and secure up to 5 NFTs for free. All ZooVerse projects will have free security on them.
Main benefits
  • A huge step in the right direction for the space. Hacks put a lot of new people coming into the space off. If we can prevent this and ensure them that they are safe, the adoption of NFTs could increase.
  • Incredible revenue stream for ZooVerse. Our goal is for this to become a new standard that's expected in projects. If we accomplish this, it will be one of the most profitable ventures possible.
  • Allows us to continue to build our reputation of trust, which is going to extremely valuable when huge Web2 spaces want to come into the space.
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